Lemmings - Sylvanas

Lemmings is a casual WoW PvE guild on EU-Sylvanas formed in June 2014, when Black was forced back into raiding.

Want to join Lemmings?

Read on below to see who we are or feel free to contact Black online, if we have your attention. There is no way to sign in or contact us here.

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We aim to clear heroic content while it is current on a 6 hour pr. week raid schedule. We raid with a relaxed but focused mindset, and we expect you to be prepared and have a high raid attendance as other people depend on your presence and performance.

We run with a 2 weeks trial minimum. You must perform according to gear level or you will fail your trial!

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Most people stay on in Lemmings once they have joined, and it is almost impossible to get /gkicked, but...

Complete lack of situational awareness - lying, misbehaving, misuse of guild funds etc. - will get you insta /gkicked.

You are most likely to have experienced similar reactions towards your person before.

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Lemmings raiding may involve a good amount of friendly harassment, and if you in anyway communicate something that can be misunderstood - it will be.

You need a good potion of self irony or you may just mute your mic.

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